BEGINNER | Descending Circuit Training

Descending Circuit Training is on tap for today. Use a timer like WODTimer, or your clock app timer. This workout is done for 2 - 3 rounds. I highly recommend you try the full workout with a ruck. It will best mimic Event PT in a GORUCK Basic situation. If you're still working up to a full ruck workout, you can always wear it for a round and then take it off for the next round. The plyometric work is minimal at only :10 seconds, so a ruck for 1-3 Star Jumps, Burpees and Squat Jumps is worth going for.

In areas of this workout (like Ruck Swings or the Ruck Overhead Press), you will need to quickly take your ruck off and put it back on. This is a good movement to practice. In an Event, you may be required to quickly remove your ruck and put it back on, and the brief time period these exercise circuits have is great training pressure to learn how to do this quickly and efficiently.

I suggest you use a white-board for this workout. Write out the first block of exercises, and during your minute rest, erase it and write out the second block of exercises, and so on. This keeps you organized and potentially less overwhelmed by the number of exercises.

What are the exercises I need to know?

Ruck Swings While the demo video uses a kettlebell, the same physical mechanics apply when using a ruck.

Ruck Overhead (OH) Triceps Extension Standing tall, feet shoulder width apart, core engaged. Bring ruck overhead, the insides of your elbows to your ears. Bend your elbows, bringing your ruck behind your head into a triceps extension and raise back up for 1 rep.

Ruck Star Jumps Star Jumps are like a jumping jack, but with more lift. As you jump, throw your arms and legs out like you're in a joyful gum commercial. Then land back on the ground gracefully. I'm just kidding - it's virtually impossible to do what I just described with a ruck on. But now you've got that image in your head! And that's how you do a star jump! With a ruck! So no arms!

Ruck Around the Worlds Standing tall, feet shoulder-width, holding your ruck in one hand by its top strap. Bring the ruck around the left side of your body, grasp the ruck handle with right hand and swing it around the right side of your body. Think CORE, SHOULDERS, ARMS as you rotate.

Plank Reach In plank position on your hands (high plank), reach up and out with your left arm, and then with your right arm. If you need to plank on your elbows, you can tap a hand out to the side and bring it back in.

Left Leg/Right Leg Stationary Lunges These are standard stationary lunges, where in lunge position, your raise and lower on just one side of your body.

Bear Crawls with Ruck These can be a challenge without a waist strap, but you will do these in an Event. Practice dropping your hips as you bear crawl to relieve the ruck pressure from your neck/back of your head. Doing these in a workout and figuring out how to create good form is great practice. If you're training without an Event on the horizon, you don't have to use your ruck.

Plank Leg Raises Planking on your hands or elbows, your choice, raise and lower each leg to hip height and back down for 1 rep.

Squat Jumps Squat, jump straight up.

THE WORK x 2 - 4 Rounds

rest :60

rest :60

rest :60

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