Beginner's Ruck Workout #6

Warm Up

Jog in place :30

10 x High Knees

10 x Butt Kicks

3 x Jog 15 paces forward, then 15 paces Backpedal Jog

10 x Side Shuffle Left

10 x Side Shuffle Right

The Work:

25 meter run (3 city bus distance to help visualize - we did this on a baseball diamond)

  • 12 Ruck Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts - Left Leg (DEMO:
  • 12 4 Count Mountain Climbers (to modify: without ruck)

25 meter run

  • 12 Ruck Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts - Right Leg (DEMO:
  • 12 4 Count Plank Jacks (plank position, feet together then apart…like a horizontal jumping jack. To modify: without ruck)

25 meter run

  • 12 Standing Trunk Rotation with Ruck (standing tall, arms straight out with both hands holding your rucks top strap, rotate your torso WITHOUT moving your hips to the left, back to center, and then to the right. SLOWLY.)
  • 12 Single Arm Ruck Row x 2

25 meter run

  • 12 Sumo Ruck Squats
  • 12 Walking Lunges with Ruck (can be on front, on back, overhead - your call)

To Finish:

  • 50 4 Count Flutter Kicks (hold ruck in air) then go straight into
  • 25 Sit Ups (rucks on front)


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