Beginner Ruck Workout #01

This one is for the beginning rucker. It's about ruck comfort and being able to manage the ruck in all positions. Get to know your ruck. Be one with it.

Start with your ruck on the ground. Move to positions in sequence:

  1. Ruck on your back.
  2. Ruck on your front.
  3. Ruck overhead.
  4. Ruck on your front.
  5. Ruck on your back.

Back to ruck on the ground. REPEAT 10 times. Try to get faster with each round.

4 Rounds of

  • Flutter kicks (4 count...1, 2, 3, ONE! 1, 2, 3, TWO) keep ruck overhead. 4 Count x 25 then go to
  • Ruck presses while on your back. 4 count x 10 then go to
  • Ruck on your back Squats x 10
  • Overhead Ruck Lunges. Right/Left = 1 Perform 10.

Cool Down:
Standing Ruck overhead, static hold for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 6 times.

Authored by: Eddie Vergara, F3/UHaul

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