BEGINNER | Total Body PT

Our Beginner workout today is all about Full Body goodness. Preparing for an Event is about training for details too: How to comfortably hold your ruck overhead for extended periods of time. How to comfortably keep your ruck in a rack position. How to bang out hand-release push-ups with ease and efficiency. Knowing how to comfortably and effectively finesse these few details will make your Event a better experience.

What exercises do I need to know?

Single Arm Ruck-Racked Squat: Stand straight in a neutral posture. Holding your ruck bend one arm up, bringing your fist to your chest/shoulder area. Your ruck should be laying on the outside of your arm, elbow tight to your rib cage. Squat, being careful not to tilt to your weighted side. Keep your ruck racked throughout this movement.

Hand Release Push-Ups (HRPU's): In push-up position, bring yourself all the way to the ground. While in this position, however, make sure your quads are lifted and engaged, core and back tight. Lift your hands briefly from the ground 2-6" (depending on shoulder mobility), place hands back on the ground and lift yourself back up. This can be done with or without a ruck.

Single Arm Ruck-Raised Lunges Stand tall, neutral spine, and with ruck in one hand, raise it overhead. Be sure to seat your shoulder "in it's pocket" to best keep your shoulder joint stable. Proceed with your lunge, placing one foot behind you, knee under hip, as your descend into a lunge.

THE WORK x 2 - 4:

15 x Single Arm Ruck Racked (Left) Squat

15 x Hand Release Push-Ups

15 x Mountain Climbers

15 x Single Arm Ruck Racked (Right) Squat


15 x Single Arm Ruck RAISED Lunges (Left)

15 x Ruck Swings

15 x Flutter Kicks (4-count 1,2,3,4 1 1,2,3,4, 2...etc)

15 x Single Arm Ruck RAISED Lunges (Right)


Bonus Round:

10 x Burpees

15 x Jumping Jacks

20 x Air Squats (fast, without ruck)

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