BEGINNER | Beginner Pyramid / SH16

Today's workout is a Team SPEARHEAD workout from UHaul in 2017. It's a great beginner grinder pyramid. All exercises are good old standards, which makes this easy to do as quickly as you can. This is a great workout to focus on speed and your aerobic endurance. 

It was on the SPEARHEAD website as Beginner workout 16, hence our name SH16.

This workout can be done as a bodyweight workout, or with a ruck if you're currently training for an event.

What are the exercises I need to know?

Side Lunges Also known as lateral lunges. Stand tall, core engaged. Step out laterally to the left, lunging with knee over ankle.

THE WORK x 1 Round

Ruck 1 mile as quickly as you can.

Pyramid 50-40-40-20-10

Ruck 1 mile as fast as you can.

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