Today's HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout is a beginner's take on a 4x4 style workout. 4x4's got their start as a running workout, but have since crossed over into all disciplines of exercise. This workout is a bodyweight one, but you will use your ruck as a weight.

We begin with a 10-minute warm up ruck. Distance is less important today than time (but of course you can count the mileage if you want to or need to). After the warm-up ruck, you will need your WODTimer app. There will be 4 sets of 4-minute HIITS (40 seconds on, 20 seconds off), and sandwiched in-between are 4 sets of 4-minute lower intensity exercise, for a total of 32 minutes switching between quick and slower-paced exercises. Cap it off with a 5-minute cool down ruck at the end.


  • Your ruck + weight
  • Timer app, like WOD Timer


PLANK JACKS Begin in high (hands) plank. Tighten your core as you jump your feet in and out, just as in jumping jacks.

JUMPING JACKS  AKA Side Straddle Hops Many of us have done these since preschool, so I'm only offering a modification rather than a full description: Walk them out if you have trouble with the jumping motion.

BODYWEIGHT SQUATS As always, sit back into your squat, keeping your knees in alignment with your second toe. Do not lean forward into your squat, but instead engage your core and use your glutes.

BODYWEIGHT JUMP SQUATS Sit back into your squat, and then as you rise, explode up into a jump. MOD: You may half-squat, or hop rather than a full jump. Alternatively, you can swap these for more bodyweight squats. Roster's choice to use prisoner hand position, although it is recommended to help maintain upright core.

PUSH UPS MOD: Knees OK. You can also do a traditional push-up on your toes, but press your heels into a wall for extra support. Make sure you keep your hands close to your chest, elbows tucked in as you perform your push-up.

FLUTTER KICKS Laying on your back, you may either keep your arms out to the side for support, or place them under your tailbone, thumb and forefinger in a diamond shape, for lower back support. Raise you head and upper shoulders off the ground. Lift your feet and flutter them like a swimmer. You may choose to do single count (1,2,3,4...) or 4-count, depending on your fitness ability and hip flexor strength. You may hold your ruck up overhead, or not use it for this exercise.

RUSSIAN TWISTS Begin seated, knees bent, feet flat. Use your ruck as a weight. Lean far enough back so you feel you core engage, but do not round your back or shoulders, or lift your feet off the ground if you cannot maintain excellent form. Rotate from your core, using the ruck to tap the ground to the left and then the right of your hips. Do not rock your body or hips, or move anything apart from your abdominal muscles.

PLANKS MOD: Hand or elbow plank are both OK. If you need to drop to your knees for a break, quickly do so, and then pop back into your plank. 


  • 10 Minute Ruck @ warm up pace x 1


40 seconds on / 20 seconds off // use your WODTimer

40 seconds on / 20 seconds off


  • 5 Minute Cool Down Ruck

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