Happy New Year!

While yes, January 1 is technically just another day, it really is a great day to start things anew. New Year's resolutions has gotten a (somewhat deserving) bad rep over the years, but it's in large part to people going all-in and then subsequently spiraling out once their real lives kick in again after the holiday lull. (If you ever want to stick with a new behavior, the surest way to disappoint yourself is to change everything all at once, have unrealistic expectations of your time, and expect *now* things will be different.)

In my personal training and nutrition coaching we work on small steps constantly because the best path to change is over time - whether you're brand new to rucking or you're tackling 50 miles. Little behaviors over time add up to big changes.

Instead of creating unnecessary pressure on yourself this year, I encourage you to think of a theme you'd like to focus on instead - ideally, just one word - that encapsulates what you'd like to focus on. Write the word on a card and pin it to the inside of your ruck, stick it to a post-it at your desk, make it your phone unlock screen - whatever it takes to remind yourself of who you want to be when this next year is finished.

This workout is a pyramid formation - we start with just a few reps of more cardio+core focused exercises and then build up to more reps of easier exercises. Complete the pyramid three times. You'll need:

  • 2 Dumbbells or 1-2 Kettlebells

Always complete your warm-up first to prevent injury.


  • Soft count: 1, 2, 3, 4 ...
  • Hard count: 1,1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4...
  • Each Side: Do all reps on one side before switching to complete all reps on the other side.


10 x reps Bird Dogs HARD COUNT
10 x reps Push-Ups *Knees OK
10 x reps Reach, Rock, Lifts SOFT COUNT
10 x reps Walking Knee Hugs HARD COUNT



5 x reps Bear Crawls HARD COUNT
7 x reps DB Bent Over Rows HARD COUNT
10 x reps DB Squat Thrusters
12 x reps DB Alternating Curls


10 x reps DB Goblet Lateral Lunges HARD COUNT
7 x reps DB* Arm Bars EACH SIDE
5 x reps Mountain Climbers HARD COUNT


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