BEGINNER | (Lose Your) Christmas Cookies

Our Beginner Holiday workout this week is (Lose Your) Christmas Cookies. This workout is a :30 seconds on, :15 seconds off tabata, so get that timer app out. (We recommend WODTimer app for this!)

This workout is broken up into four parts - Cardio, Strength, Cardio and Abs.

You can do this workout in one of two ways: either complete each segment 2-4 times before moving on to the next grouping, or run through the full workout as a unit 2-4 times. It can also be done with or without a ruck on.

What are the exercises I need to know?

This workout should be a look at it and go, but you can always google the move if you're temporarily stumped.

Modification for Star Jumps: Star Jumps can be hard on knees, so if needed, swap them out for a sumo squat/high kick combo. You'll perform your squat first, then when you stand up, high-kick. Squat again, and then high-kick your other leg upon standing.

Triceps Dips can be done almost anywhere - off a chair, a step, a coffee table - even your ruck if it's packed well enough. Begin by placing your hands directly behind you on a sturdy surface, fingers pointing straight ahead. Lower your hips/bend your knees and concentrate on using your triceps to lower and raise your body. Triceps dips can also be done with your hands on the floor.

Happy Holidays!

2-4 Rounds - :30 seconds on, :15 off

* can be done with or without a ruck





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