BEGINNER | Join the Resistance

Resistance Bands can be a great form of training, especially when combined with wearing a ruck. While wearing a ruck is optional in this workout, it will provide an excellent additional component to take this workout to the next level.


  • Full-loop resistance bands (like this set)
    • Use the resistance band that is most challenging for you right now.
  • Ruck with weight (12-25lbs -- whatever you're currently using)
  • Sturdy posts (select something you know can support your weight + your ruck weight)
  • Box or chair
  • OPTIONAL: Kettlebell or Dumbbell


Assisted Squat to Box Wear your ruck! Rather than just using the resistance band to make your squat easier, we are making a purposeful choice to make it harder. Pull the resistance band further back than in the demo video. Engage your core, lat (mid and lower back) muscles and glutes (butt muscles) to create a squat that challenges your full body. Use a chair if you have bad knees, but otherwise, select a low box to tap your bottom before rising.

Goblet Lateral Lunge Walk Use a dumbbell, kettlebell, your ruck, or bodyweight if needed to complete this exercise.

Single-Arm Half Kneeling Band Press You will need a sturdy post or pole for this movement. Engage your core. Think: "How can I focus this entire movement at my belly button?" and keep your focus there.

WORKOUT x 2-3 Rounds

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