BEGINNER | Full-Body Round Robin

This week, we've got a full-body round robin for our Beginners. It's simple, no fuss and a great way to just workout and not think too much about it.


  • Bodyweight Squat-to-Box A lot of athletes don't squat down low enough, or lean too far forward in their squat, relying on other muscles to help compensate. When we squat to box (or chair, or bench), we make sure to get the right depth in our squat. Try this with your ruck on for an added bonus.
  • Alternating Lateral Lunges with Overhead Driver This exercise, when combined with a bodyweight overhead driver, helps remind you to keep your chest up and lifted as your perform the exercise.
  • Burpees (no Push-Up)
  • Push-Ups - Weighted or unweighted is ok. If you're thinking about doing push-ups with your ruck for the first time, knee push-ups are OK.
  • Curl Ups Think of curl-ups as the full sit-ups little brother. They're a great way to work up to a sit-up if you're still working on hip flexor strength.


4 x sets

  • 10 x Bodyweight Squat to Box
  • 10 x Alternating Lateral Lunges with Overhead Driver
  • 10 x Burpees
  • 10 x Push-Ups
  • 10 x Curl Ups
  • 1/2mi (.80km) ruck - shuffle if you can

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