BEGINNER | Full-Body Friday

Start the week off right! Have a Friday on a Monday! Today's beginner workout is a great, basic full-body workout. The rep count is low, so make sure to take your time to really get your form right.

What are the exercises I need to know?

Bent Over Ruck Rows With soft knees in a high squat position, core pulled in to stabilize your lower back, hinge from your hips and pick your ruck up off the ground. Bring your ruck up to your chest and bring it back down to hang above the ground. As your bring your ruck up, think of squeezing a lemon with your shoulder blades using your trapezius (upper back) muscles.

Split Squats Split squats are just another name for stationary lunges. Your feet stay stationary in lunge position, lining up your knee over hip over shoulder. Dip into a lunge and straighten, keeping your feet planted. Dip again.

THE WORK x 2 - 3 Rounds

  • 12 x Split Squats - Left Leg
  • 12 x Ruck Squat Pulses
  • 12 x Split Squats - Right Leg
  • 12 x Mountain Climbers
  • 12 x Crunches
  • :30 Plank
  • 12 x Ruck Russian Twists
  • :30 Plank

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