Often, when we start training for our very first endurance Event, GORUCK or otherwise, fear sets in early. "Will I be strong enough?" "Will I be capable enough?" "What if something is asked of me I'm not ready for?"

But this is also why you likely picked PATHFINDER to help you get ready! Getting outside your comfort zone if a necessary part of training, and today, we're going to work on this, beginner workout style.


First, you'll need some random equipment. This is not the time to overthink it, though. Look around your garage for something wieldy and be quick in your decision making process. It can be something with a handle...or not. It should be something a little heavier than you might like. Keep your ruck weight the same. 

In many events, you'll be asked to carry items that aren't fitness equipment. Here are some ideas in case you're stuck:

  • Gas can filled with rocks
  • Bucket filled with rocks or sand
  • Gallon containers filled with water or sand
  • A camping cast iron pot with a handle
  • A piece of lumber

You'll need to hold this equipment where prompted in this workout.

Why did I ask you to be quick making the decision?

Because you need to get used to not being in control.

In an event, we can't control anything around us. The only thing we can control is ourselves in that moment. Working with things that make you a little unsure is a necessary part of the experience.

In almost EVERY case with these exercises, they can be done regardless of the object you're using in exactly the same way as you are cued in the demonstration videos. "But how do I do this exercise if I'm using a WHATEVER" I'm here to tell you - it's the exact same way. Where there's a know the drill. However, be smart! If the object has sharp edges, maybe don't pick that. If the object can dump things out (like a bucket filled with rocks), work smarter, not harder. Trust yourself.


6-8 reps
Quadruped Extension/Rotation EACH SIDE
6-8 reps Scapular Push-Ups

6-8 reps

Bent Over Y's
6-8 reps Lateral Squats - Alternating HARD COUNT



 8-10 reps Ammo Can* Romanian Deadlift

8-10 reps

Sandbag* Bear Hug Squat

8-10 reps

Sandbag* Suitcase Lunge EACH SIDE
8-10 reps Ammo Can* Front Raise
8-10 reps Bodyweight Mountain Climbers

8-10 reps

Single Arm Dumbbell* Floor Press EACH SIDE


* The implements used are for demonstration - use what you have that's right for your personal fitness level. Be smart and avoid injury!

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