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I love a good EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute). EMOM's are interval workouts where you complete the prescribed number of reps each minute. (Which also means that when you're done with the rep count, you can rest for any remaining time prior to the start of the next minute.) They're especially great for Beginners to focus on speed and efficiency.

Use an app to help you focus on the time. Do each group of exercises (EX: I did 15 jumping jacks in :30 seconds, which means I have :30 seconds to rest before the next minute) and watch your time to keep your heart rate up. (We are loving the smartwod timer app right now.)

EMOM's are also a great way for beginner's to work on mental toughness and getting out of your own head. When you work out alone, you have to rely on your own discipline to get you through. It can sometimes take a turn into self-judgement and wondering if you've got what it takes. I promise you - YOU DO. Exercise, no matter your fitness level, will ALWAYS feel hard. If it ever feels easy, you aren't working out. Keeping focused, consistent and disciplined should be your new mantra. Focused = I'm thinking about only this. Consistent = I do this every day. Disciplined = I do this because it's my plan, and I do this regardless of how I feel inside. 

This is a workout where you decide to finish what you start, crank the music and just get after it.

What exercises do I need to know? Almost all of the exercises should be familiar by now. They are intentionally written that way for the least number of mental hiccups in the middle of the workout. There are only two new items:

Hard Count (also goes by "1,1,2,2" "HC" ) Hard Count means that you do both sides as one rep. Ex: Left Leg + Right Leg = 1 Rep

Ruck Squats Wearing your ruck on your back, stand core engaged, feet hip width apart. Your arms can be out in front if you need stability. Sit back into your squat, knees in alignment with your second toe.

Ruck Overhead Flutter-Kicks Laying on your back, legs straight. Bring your ruck overhead, parallel to your face, as you focus on keeping your shoulders down and low, like you're tucking your shoulders into their pockets. Lift both legs up to a 30-degree angle and flutter them up and down utilizing your lower abdominal muscles to dictate the movement - not your hip flexors.

THE WORK x 2 - 4 Rounds

  • 10 x Burpees (no push-up)
  • 12 x Ruck Russian Twists
  • 20 x Ruck Overhead Flutter-Kicks - hard count
  • 8 x Jump Squats



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