BEGINNER | Build Your Strength

Build your strength today with this push-pull, full body workout that's simple but effective. You'll do three sets of exercises in a row without taking a break. After you complete a full round of each set, pause for a 2:00 minute break. (Don't cheat yourself! Breaks are when our bodies build strength.) Even though you'll be working hard, each muscle group will get a chance to rest while the other group is doing its thing.


WEIGHTS : Pick dumbbells or kettlebells that are the right size for you. You may want a variety of weight/implements available, since some muscle groups may be stronger or weaker than others.

WORKOUT x 3-5* Rounds

*3 Rounds if you're totally new to PATHFINDER workouts, 4+ if you're already at a great base level of fitness or are using this workout as a lighter workout day in more challenging PATHFINDER programming.

SET 1:

SET 2:

SET 3:

* In Alternating Arm Bent Over Flys, make sure not to bob your low back or use your back or hips for momentum. If you find yourself doing that, decrease your weights.

** In Renegade Row with Push-Up, make sure your hips stay level. If they sway or you have trouble maintaining your core strength, drop to knees. You may want to use a folded yoga mat for comfort.

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  • Do you do each set 3x or go through all three sets and then do all three sets again, 3x?


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