BEGINNER | 30-Minute Madness

With three rounds of five exercises (in two segments) this workout should take you around 30 minutes to achieve. With a solid 10-minute warm-up beforehand, it should be an easy workout to get in.

This long-form HIIT builds your cardio and packs a great workout into an easy format. Do one full segment for 3 rounds before moving on to the second segment. 


  • WODTimer app (or another gym timer with a Tabata Timer)
  • Ruck with weight OR Dumbbells


ALTERNATING LATERAL LUNGE W/ RUCK Begin in a wide-legged stance, holding your ruck by its sides. As you laterally lunge (side lunge), chest proud, strong core & glutes, touch your ruck to the ground. Come back to center, and then lunge on the opposite side.

SUMO SQUATS WITH RUCK HIGH PULL Begin in a wide-legged stance, feet turned out, and hold your ruck by it's top handle at hip-level. Sumo squat (or plie squat), knees still tracking over your second toe in this wide position as your ruck comes down to the floor. Upon standing, raise your ruck up to your upper chest level, elbows flaring out. Maintain a strong core and squeeze glutes at the top of the squat.

RUCK OVERHEAD PRESS Begin by standing hip-width apart, holding your ruck horizontally (one hand on the handle of your ruck, the other on the base). Bring your ruck up overhead, inner elbows to ears. You may bring your head slightly forward when your ruck is overhead for clearance.

BENT OVER RUCK ROWS Standing with a strong core, your ruck horizontally in your hands. Bend your knees slightly as you hinge at the hips, engaging your glutes and hamstrings. Straighten your arms to lower your ruck, and bring it back up to your chest to row. Squeeze your lats as you bring your ruck to your chest. The demonstration video uses dumbbells, but the ruck variation is exactly the same, holding your ruck at the top and bottom, horizontally.

SKULL CRUSHERS Laying on the ground, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hold your ruck overhead. Keep your elbows in alignment with your shoulders as you bend your elbows and bring your ruck above your head. Squeeze your triceps as your return your ruck to overhead.

WARM UP x 2 Rounds


Set your Tabata timer for 5 exercises (in WODTimer, they have this marked as 'rounds'), with :45 seconds of work and :15 seconds of rest. Complete the workout segment three times before moving on to the next segment.

3 rounds :45/:15

3 rounds :45/:15

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