BEGINNER | 20 Minute Stress-Buster EMOM

We've got a blisteringly-fast 20min EMOM for you today! I know right now, time feels compressed for many of us, so this workout is a great one for knocking it out and getting on to other things! If you have more time, add a few ruck miles in post-workout. This workout is bodyweight and dumbbells. (If you don't have dumbbells, modify the exercises using your ruck in both hands.)

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute. Set your timer for 1min intervals (We like WODTimer) The app makes it easy to time almost any workout.

Let's get started!

Equipment You'll Need:

  • Dumbbells of your choice (choose between 5-20lbs for women; 10-30 for men)
  • Timer to keep track of each minute of exercises


You will complete this workout twice through and then have remaining time left. Continue with a third round of the first four exercises. You may choose to add the last four exercises and make it a 24:00 minute workout.


  1. 12 x Inchworms
  2. 12 x Push-Ups
  3. 12 x Mountain Climbers
  4. 5 x Burpee without Push-Up
  1. 12 x Alternating Bodyweight Split Jump
  2. 12 x Single Arm DB Romanian Deadlift - LEFT LEG
  3. 12 x Single Arm DB Romanian Deadlift - RIGHT LEG
  4. :40 Plank (Elbows or Hands OK)

    Great Work!!! Extra time on your hands? Get in 1-4 miles!

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