This workout marks the anniversary of 9/11. We all know where we were on that day, who we were with, and the individual stories we carry with us today. Today, we complete this workout and remember.

Complete 9 Rounds of 3 exercises, 11 reps each, plus stair intervals. This workout can be modified as bodyweight (perform the exact same exercises but without implements), with a ruck, dumbbells, kettlebells, or a sandbag.


8-COUNT BODY BUILDERS TLDR: Burpee with push-up, plank jack while you're down, jump up and finish the burpee, arms raised overhead. This exercise depends on eight movements counted by beat. Drop into a squatting position with your hands on the ground for count one. Kick your feet straight back in a plank position, assuming a standard pushup pose for count two. Lower your chest towards the floor on count three, and then push up on count four. Jump your legs out to the sides on count five. Jump your legs back together in the plank position on count six. Pull your legs forward on count seven, returning to the same squatting position as count two. Finally, leap straight up on count eight, stretching your arms high above your head. Completing all eight movements is considered one full repetition.

NOTE ON WEIGHTS FOR SWINGS & DEADLIFTS: Select the heaviest workable weight you currently have for this purpose. In both movements, pay attention to glutes and hamstrings rather than backs and arms. We recommend: Bodyweight Under 150lbs: 35-50lbs, Bodyweight Over 150lbs: 45-90lbs. Use the weight that is right for you, and that you have trained with previously.


9 x Rounds

After each round, complete three (3) stair flights (up and down = 1 flight)

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