ALL LEVELS | Birthday Beat-Up

It's my birthday! So for this week, I wrote my favorite moves into a workout for everyone to enjoy!

Don't be fooled. This workout only looks adorable. But just like too much cake leaves you queasy, so will this workout. Your goal is to hit two rounds of 22 reps.

But it's not a bash...or a blow out...or a It's the Birthday Beat-Up. You'll quickly learn one thing about me: I don't skip leg day.


  • This can easily be a bodyweight workout. Do it if you need it!
  • To modify, do 11 reps instead of 22 for the main set of the workouts.
  • Do half Turkish Get-Ups -- stop when the movement has you in a seated position. Further explanation is below.


Single Leg Deadlifts (Ruck nice but not necessary, especially if you are new to this movement; use kettlebell or sandbag, depending on core strength as your weight.)

Begin by standing with core tight and engaged, feet hip width apart. Anchor your working foot (think weight in your heel), and hinge your hips forward as you slide your unloaded leg back until it's hovering. Flex your foot and straighten your leg. Keep your gaze lifted as your core and lifted leg are parallel to the ground. Straighten back to standing and repeat on same side until reps are complete before switching legs.

Prisoner Squats (Rucks nice, but again, not necessary. Make sure your core is strong enough to not dump the ruck weight forward over your body. If that's the case, drop the ruck. You owe me a :45 plank when you're done!)

Stand in squat position, feet hip width apart, knee tracking over your second toe. Place your hands in 'prisoner' position, elbows bent, hands behind your head. When you squat, squat low, legs parallel to the ground. Make these count!

Thrusters (Bodyweight or ruck is fine. Use your ruck, a sandbag, or two weights -- dumbbell or kb -- in hand for the overhead press.)

Begin by standing feet hip width apart, knees tracking over your toes. Weights need to be in both hands (hold your ruck or sandbag laterally). Squat down, and then press your weights overhead.

Touchdown Jump Squats (No ruck. If jumping these out isn't right for you, walk them out. They still accomplish the same goal!) Standing, feet hip width apart, toes slightly turned out, knee over second toe. Jump down into a sumo squat touchdown position with your right hand on the ground. Jump up, and touchdown sumo squat with your left hand on the ground. I love these so much. I'm not sorry.

Ruck Overhead Sit-Ups Begin seated on the ground, in sit-up position. Knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hold your ruck to your chest in both hands. (You can substitute a ruck for a plate, a kettlebell or heavy dumbbell) Slowly curl down to the floor with your weight still in bear hug. As you rise, sitting up, lift your weight up and overhead. Be careful NOT to use momentum for this, otherwise you're defeating the purpose of this exercise!

Turkish Get Ups -- Begin on your back with your arm extended up and in line with your shoulder. You do not have to use a weight for this movement if you've never done this exercise before. Bend your knee and plant your foot on the loaded (raised arm) side. Push up to a seated position. IF YOU ARE NEW TO TGU's, stop here. Move up into a lunge position by swinging your knee to the back. Tighten your core and prepare to stand.


  • Ruck + plate (weight of your choice)
  • Kettlebell or Sandbag (weight of your choice)

WORKOUT x 2 Rounds


4 x Turkish Get-Ups (modify as needed, do halves if necessary) PER SIDE

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