This workout for Stirling is called Deceptive for a pretty simple reason. It looks simple. And it is. It might even look easy. It is not.

What exercises do I need to know?

Side Lunges Stand tall with your feet together. Hold your ruck in both hands at your chest, elbows to your sides. Step one foot out to the left, double hip-width. Bend the knee you stepped out with keeping the other leg straight. Sit your butt back like you're sitting in an invisible chair, hinging slightly at the hips.

Ruck Thrusters Thrusters are a compound exercise that's a combination front squat and overhead press. When doing a Thruster, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, your ruck in your hands. Our little illustration has a bit of a butt-wink here, so make sure your back is strong as your bend your knees and drop your hips into a squat position. As you rise, press your ruck overhead.

Ruck Swings This is an explosive movement from the hips, glutes and quads, never the back. Keeping your heels planted, engage your core and bend your knees, gripping the handle of your ruck. Shift your bodyweight into your heels as you drive the ruck up using your hips, glutes and quads. Aim for chest height, arms extended. On the swing back, keep glutes firing as the ruck swings between your legs and use the muscle momentum as the ruck swings up again.

Burpee Hops + 1 Full Burpee Burpee Hops are the bottom jump-out to plank, pop in, feet near hands, jump out to plank again. Complete 8 Burpee Hops and 1 Full Burpee each cycle. This can be done with or without a ruck, depending on your current core strength. If you are still working on your core, do this exercise without a ruck.

Workout x 6 Rounds

Wear your ruck for side lunges & burpees at your current sustainable weight.

  • 16 x Side Lunges
  • 16 x Ruck Thrusters
  • 16 x Ruck Swings
  • 16 x Burpee Hops + 3 Full Burpees

Core Finisher x 3 Rounds

If you've been working on your core regularly, do these with your ruck on. If your ruck shifts left to right or your hips have difficulty staying level during these movements, core stability should continue being a big priority.

  • 8 x Bird Dogs
  • 8 x Plank Opposite Knee to Opposite Elbow
  • 2:00 Plank (if 2:00 consecutive is still something you're working on, make it 2:00 cumulative each round)