Stirling : Scorcher

We've got a short, four movement workout. All three movements will work together to make your sandbag mile really sing. Let's get started.

What Gear Do I Need?

  • Ruck
  • Sandbag
  • Box to step up
  • Sliding discs

What Exercises Do I Need to Know?

Weighted Step Ups This is ideal if you have a box, but anything you can step up on 12" or more is fine. (Here's how to build your own 3-in-1 Plyo/Step Up Box if you're interested - they're cheap and sturdy.) Wearing your ruck, select another weight to lift as you step up. Pick a weight that's right for you and something you can maintain for 3 rounds @ 15 reps. Step up with one foot, tap the other foot on the box, step down.

Sandbag Good Mornings With your sandbag resting on your shoulders above your ruck, put hands on each end of the sb. Keep legs engaged and muscles activated, as your hinge forward from the hips, reaching your tailbone back and feel your glutes and hamstrings fire. Hold for a 3 count. Stand back up.

Plank Drags If you have sliding exercise discs, they are perfect for this movement. (We recommend these. But 2lb weight cookie plates, or even some large plastic lids will also work. You want something your feet will slide with and we will use these during programming. A little foot resistance just adds to the work, so no complaints.)

  • With your ruck on, put your toes on the discs in high (hands) plank position.
  • Walk your hands forward as you drag your feet, keep your core tight and engaged, quads lifted in support.
  • This is a hard count movement.
  • Short, slow walks are best at first. Do not reach your arm out too far. You want to feel this is in your shoulders, lats and core.
  • If you do not have discs, hold 3 rounds of 1:45 high plank with :10 rest

Sandbag Shoulder Carry 1 mile - Swap shoulders every 1/4 mile. Wear your ruck, if you had to ask. Always.

WORKOUT x 3 Rounds

  • 16 x Weighted Step ups
  • 16 x Sandbag Good Mornings
  • 16 x Plank Drags
  • 1 mile Sandbag Shoulder Carry

Rest 5 mins, do it again.