STIRLING : Mount Mitchell

What exercises do I need to know?

Stationary Lunge with Sandbag Rotation Ruck on, sandbag in both hands. Perform a stationary forward lunge. As you lower into your lunge, rotate your trunk towards your bent, forward lunged knee, bringing the sandbag outside your body. Tight core. If the sandbag is too heavy for this movement, use your ruck instead.

Alternating Shoulder Overhead Sandbag Press Clean your sandbag up and rest it on your left shoulder, holding both sides of the sb for support. Lift it up and overhead, bringing it to your opposite shoulder.

Bear Crawl Sandbag Drag In Bear Crawl position, with your ruck on and your sandbag under your torso, perform bear crawl over it, reach your left arm under your body and pull the sandbag forward. Repeat the movement, reaching your right arm under your body to pull the sandbag forward, for 1 rep.


  • 15 x Ruck Bear Hug Squats
  • 15 x Chair Pistol Squats
  • 15 x Ruck Overhead Press

WORKOUT x 4 Rounds

  • 16 x Bent Over Sandbag Rows
  • 16 x Stationary Lunge with Sandbag Rotation (hard count)
  • 16 x Sandbag Front Squats
  • 12 x Assisted Pistol Squats (hard count)
  • 16 x Alternating Shoulder Overhead Sandbag Press
  • 16 Paces x Bear Crawl Sandbag Drag (hard count)