PATHFINDER Horizon | W9D3 Full Body WOD "Worst Hobby Ever"

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This is the second-to-last week of Full Body Workouts. The name of this week's workout says it all. The workout this week is an EMOM, Every Minute on the Minute. It is a circuit-style workout of 8 different exercises you do every minute, on the minute, for between 3 and 5 total rounds, depending on time (the workout itself will take between 24 and 40 minutes to complete) and how hard you want to push it. Alternately, if you can blast out 15 push-ups with plenty of time to spare, increase the reps. We want you to be challenged, strong, and cardio-ready for your event ahead.

Start a timer and perform the first exercise, 20 Ruck Swings then rest until the timer reaches 1 minute. At the one minute mark, perform 15 Pushups, then rest until the clock has reached 2 minutes. Continue to do the required reps in the 1-minute time limit until you've reached the end.

As always, read through the workout to prepare. If you have any injuries, modify as needed. 


Ruck 1 mile, regular pace

THE WORK - 1-minute EMOM

  • 20 x Weighted Ruck Swings
  • 20 x Lateral Lunges - holding ruck by handle, lunge left, then right
  • 10 x Ruck to Overhead Burpees- holding ruck in your hands, burpee out into a pushup, then jump up and lift ruck overhead
  • 20 x Sumo Squats with ruck in hands
  • 6 x Ruck Man Makers
  • :40 Elbows-to-Hands Planks - plank between hands and elbows moving continuously for :40, ruck on your back
  • 8 x Romanian Deadlifts - holding ruck, RDL left leg, then right, making sure your hips stay square and your body does not twist. Alternate legs.


Ruck 1 mile, cool-down pace. Select a mobility workout from the Mobility options for this week for extra bonus points!