PATHFINDER Horizon | W9D1 Mobility WOD

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Welcome to Week 9 of Mobility for Horizon! We just have a few weeks left of our programming, and you should be feeling much more mobile and flexible during your training. As always, we have three recommendations for this week. Take a quick run-through to see what you might enjoy doing. Don't forget: 1-mile ruck either before or after your mobility work today!

Yoga for Athletes | Sean Vigue Fitness

A 20-minute Power Yoga for Athletes flow is a pretty solid way to start your Mobility day off right.

Flexibility & Mobility Workout | The Lean Machines

Tight hips? Needing more lower body mobility? This is a great resource for you then. I might have cried a little when I did this one. It's an excellent mobility video to do post your 20+ mile ruck. 

Yoga with Adriene | Playful Yoga Practice

Yoga doesn't always have to be this "serious" practice, forcing yourself to be quiet or thoughtful. By this point in Horizon, you should be feeling a lot more mobile, limber and have begun to see that a yoga practice is a natural fit with rucking. This video is a short-ish, playful practice for this week.