PATHFINDER Horizon | W4D1 Mobility WOD

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Mobility is a big part of PATHFINDER Horizon - keeping your body healthy and limber will help you succeed with your long-mileage goals. A healthy body and spine mean you can ruck all the miles you could ever want!

By Week 4, we hope you're really digging into your Mobility practice. There is so much to be gained by visiting your local gym or yoga studio for a live class. Studio classes can be found inexpensively almost everywhere and often do not require a monthly contract. For Horizon purposes, look for a Yin Yoga class, an LSD (Long, Slow, Deep) class, Slow Flow or Gentle Yoga class. If you get the yoga bug (which we sincerely hope you do), there are plenty of other options post active training. You can still be a badass on your mat.

We recommend the following options for this week:

Yoga for Manual Labor | Yoga with Adriene

This Yoga with Adriene practice is great for sore legs and backs if you're noticing some soreness this week. 


10 Minute Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back | Yoga with Adriene

While rucking, our necks tend to hang forward over our chest, our shoulders slump after putting some mileage down, and our upper back can start to scream. This Yoga with Adriene video is PERFECT for releasing the tension that can accumulate.


25-Minute Power Yoga Strength Workout | HAS Fit

The audio could be better, but HAS Fit is straightforward and has a solid flow practice. There's no touchy-feely sentiment here, so if that's something that's been keeping you from becoming fully-engaged in your practice, no more excuses! (If you think I'm writing about's probably because I am!)