PATHFINDER Horizon | W12D1 Mobility WOD

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Congratulations! You've made it! This is the week you've been waiting for. This mobility workout is your last official Horizon workout as your taper week begins and your focus is on slowing down, trusting your training, checking your gear, eating nutritionally-sound foods, drinking plenty of water and getting as rested as you can. Mobility has played and should continue to play, an important role in your training for the Star Course and many events to come. We hope we've given you enough resources and tools to make it a welcome part of your life! With that, here are our mobility recommendations for this week:

Yoga with Adriene | Yoga for the Spine

You either love Adriene by now, or you wish you've never heard of her. In either case, this is one last chance to experience how excellent her YouTube channel is with this great video on spinal work.

 Sean Vigue | 10 Minute Core Yoga

Here's a quick 10-minute yoga core workout with another of our favorite's, Sea Vigue. This is if you're looking for slightly more vigorous movement as you begin your taper week.  

Tom Merrick | Ankle Dorsiflexion Routine

This is a great routine for tight ankles as you begin to wind down and consider your event. This video moves quickly, but the information is really useful, so this is a play-and-pause as you watch his recommendations and then pause to follow through.

BONUS: Tom Merrick | 5-Minute Morning Mobility

I really like this guy's no-fuss approach to mobility and yoga. This is an excellent video for any additional mobility you feel like you might need during this upcoming week.