PATHFINDER Horizon | W11D7 Core WOD "The Essentials"

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The Essentials

This is our last core workout of the Horizon cycle. We hope you have noticed improvements in your core strength! Today, we will be focusing on Essentials as your wind down on your way to taper week.


1 mile ruck, regular pace

THE WORK x 2-3

25 x Russian Twists
25 x Mountain Climbers - hard count (1,1,2,2 etc)
1:00 Elbow Plank

25 x Toe Touch Crunch  (video demo)
25 x Flutter Kicks
1:00 Side Plank - Left

25 x Half Windshield Wipers  (video demo)
25 x Bird Dogs  (video demo)
1:00 Side Plank - Right

25 x Dead Bugs
25 x Raised Leg Crunch (video demo)
1:00 Hinge to Side Plank