PATHFINDER Horizon | Starting Off on the Right Foot

Welcome to PATHFINDER Horizon! This content is exclusive to PATHFINDER Horizon subscribers. New classes begin monthly. Contact to find out how you can join today!

Welcome to PATHFINDER Horizon!

We are excited to welcome you into our new 12-week training plan to help you maximize your preparation for an upcoming GORUCK Star Course or another long-distance ruck event.

As a new Horizon class begins, we'd like for you to take a minute to consider your goals for the next twelve weeks, and what you hope to progress towards. Goal setting can be the difference between finishing and "I almost did it," and we would love to see a 100% finishers rate! Today, think about what it will truly take you to finish what you've started. If you're just beginning, remember, it takes time and consistent effort to be where you want to be. If you've done several long-distance events prior, consider what you can do better this time. Don't bog down in tiny details - instead, take your big picture, commit it to heart and consider these questions below:

  • What are some strategies to maximize your gains?
  • How do you adopt new behaviors? 
  • What are your specific goals?
  • When do you plan to achieve them by?
  • How do you gain an extra edge? Measure progress?
  • What's your daily routine to make sure rucking 50 miles gets accomplished?
  • You've already accomplished so much - how do you accomplish more?

Your workout today is a speed ruck for 2 miles. Make your pace comfortably fast - where you can speak no more than 5-6 words at a time. This pace will be different for everyone, with a goal of under a :15 minute mile, and serves as a starting point for the next 12 weeks of programming. We're happy you've joined us! Get started!