PATHFINDER Horizon | GORUCK Star Course Seattle City Guide

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Seattle Star Course - 50 Miles
By Emily Baggett


2018 Event

  • The Seattle Event was another event that had close to 60 miles. One Instagram account, HQ states, “If you've hit your 50, go 'head and start heading back to the start."
  • Start/End Point: Gas Works Park
  • Hashtags

    1. #drumheller (I don’t know if this is one of the waypoints because only one team uses it)
    2. #seattletheater
    3. #salishsculpture
    4. #westlighthouse
    5. #kerrypark
    6. #gumwall
    7. #freewaypark
    8. #pilotstatue
    9. #rentonhistorymuseum
    10. #mercerpark
    11. #bellevuepark
    12. #gasworkspark


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