PATHFINDER Horizon | Our Favorite Gear & Printable Packing List PDF

Wondering what to pack? You'll find a list of our favorite items and brands below.

We've also created a recommended list of items for your Star Course or other long-distance ruck events, as well as a printable pdf checklist you can use to mark off what you've packed or need to get.


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6-Pack of Reflective Bands

Reflective bands for hands, arms and rucks can literally be a life-saver. We like these especially because they come in a baggie so you can keep them in your ruck when they're not in use, and are slap-bracelets, so no fumbling with clasps when you're trying to keep pace.

GoxRunx 6-pack Reflective Bands $10.99


Source Water Bladder

We recommend you keep an extra bladder on hand and in the resupply bin that goes with your Support Crew in case of emergencies. A Source bladder is one of our favorites, and the 3L size is necessary during events to keep hydrated.

Source Tactical WXP 3L Hydration Reservoir $21.99


Headlamp (Plus a backup)

You know you need a headlamp, but having a second as a backup can also be a lifesaver. These come in a two-pack and are lightweight, bright, water-resistant, run up to 45 hours on low-light and have the right light filters (both white and red) you'll need.

GearLight LED Headlamp - 2 pack $15.99


Ben's Insect Repellant Wipes

We keep these in our rucks all the time. Bug repellant wipes are easier than sprays, work just as well, and keep you from being bitten while you're focused on your Star Course. These wipes have up to 8 hours of protection from mosquitos, tics and more.

Ben's 30 Deet Mosquito Tick Insect & Bug Repellent Field Wipes - 24 Pack $10.13

Tailwind Electrolytes

If you couldn't tell by now, we're fans of Tailwind. It's got caffeine, electrolytes and plenty of carbs. I like this trial flavor pack for variety, but my new favorite is Mandarin Orange.

Tailwind Nutrition Assorted Flavors 7-pack $17.50
Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel - Mandarin Orange 50 servings $35.99


Sillcock Water Key

This is a must-have. This water key will unlock spigots and will open most municipal water sillcocks (the water spigots on the sides of buildings or gas stations that don't have handles) for a source of clean water. 

Cobra Products 4-Way Sillcock Key $7.40


FITS & SmartWool Socks

You need good socks. (That feels like the understatement of the year.) We recommend having several pairs as backups, and we really like FITS and Smart Wool. Both brands are soft and breathable. They have gentle compression, so they also don't slip around on your foot when it's sweaty. 

SmartWool PhD Pro-Endurance Print Socks $25.95
FITS Medium Hiker Crew Socks $22.99


This lightweight "multi-functional headwear" is really useful. We've worn it when it's hot and forgot a hat, we've worn it when it's cold and wanted a warm face. It's anti-stink, easy to wash, has UPF 50 sun protection, makes you look like you are doing Serious Business, and dries fast.

Buff Multifunctional Unisex Headwear $17.27


Bag Balm

No one wants to talk about chafing, but we all chafe. Shoulders, seams, arms, legs, etc, etc, etc...sweat has salt, salt dries, salt abrades your skin, and you're left with a stinging red rash where you'd rather not. We recommend Bag Balm. Get some.

Vermont's Original Bag Balm Skin Moisturizer $7.89


Oofos Recovery Slides

Yeah, you could wear flip flops...but why, when you could wear legit recovery Oofos slides? We weren't believers at first, but one wear and we were convinced. Wearing these for post-long-mileage shuffling around, they are the best thing you could ever dream of wearing.  

Oofos Unisex Ooahh Recovery Slide Sandal $49.95


ExOfficio Undies

Oh yeah, we're going there. I won't say much, but I will say - these are the best out there. They're quick-dry, made to move, lightweight and no weird seams in disappointing locations. 

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Boxer Brief $19.50
ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Mesh Bikini $23.89


Dr. Frederick's Better Blister Bandages

Yeah, you've tried other bandages. But this 12-count pack will be the blister bandage you reach for from now on. It protects, it heals, it helps you not cry because blisters when you get in the shower for the first time. These really will be the best you've ever used.

Dr. Frederick's Original Better Blister Bandages 12-Pack Variety $12.99