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Myofascial Release Technique For Tight Calf Muscles: Get Rid of Foot Pain | Kai Wheeler

Doing a calf release with a lacrosse ball is great for tight calves and other foot pain, especially prior or post an uphill ruck. This is a great, short video at 1:30 to demonstrate how to release your gastrocnemius.  (The instructor, Kai Wheeler, also has other fantastic, brief instructional videos on how to release many other typically tight muscles.)

Muscle & Mat | Office Worker Repair Yoga

Ultra-weird name, but this is simple, bare-bones yoga practice if you don't like the "fluff" of yoga, but need the flexibility and mobility. While this practice was intended for people who sit all day, the same movements and yoga flow work for those who are more active. Give it a try!

Yoga for Runners: Physical & Mental Stamina | Yoga with Adriene

This might be my very favorite YouTube yoga video of all time. Runners and ruckers have similar needs in the leg stretch and mobility department, and it's a great way to provide your body the rest and restoration it needs.