PATHFINDER Horizon | Mobility WOD W8D1

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Welcome to Mobility for week 8! This week, we're continuing with turning you into a rucking contortionist with these new videos. 

As always, ruck a 1-mile warm-up or cool-down today as well.

Restorative Yoga | Muscle & Mat

Just a dude, his cat, and a solid restorative yoga program you will need this week before your upcoming 20-miler. This is our #1 pick of the week!


Myofascial Release Foam Rolling Restorative Day | Yoga with Tim

Tim is super groovy, so it always takes me a minute to get on his wavelength, but this is a great foam and trigger point ball rolling video. You might cry the first time you use a tennis ball on your feet but DO THIS. It's the best 17 minutes you'll spend all day.


Self Treatment For Hip Joint and Lower Back Pain: Tensor Fasciae Latae Myofascial Release | Kai Wheeler

Personal Trainer, Kai Wheeler out of San Diego, CA shows you how to relieve hip joint and lower back pain caused by trigger points in the tensor fascia latae. If you sit, walk, run or hike, chances are, your TFL needs some TLC.