PATHFINDER Horizon | W4D3 Full Body WOD "The Enigma Machine"

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This workout was submitted by roster Michael Welborn of the Green Country Ruckers in Tulsa, OK. Enjoy! 


Three full rounds of a short yoga flow: take a deep breath in while standing, exhale to forward fold, inhale as you walk hands forward to plank, exhale in plank, inhale as you lift hips for downward dog, hold for one round of breath, exhale as you drop hips to plank, three breaths in plank.

Inhale as you step your right foot forward for a low runners lunge, right knee directly over right ankle. Keep your left hand on the ground and lift your right hand toward the sky for a twist, hold for one breath. Place both hands on the ground and step right foot back to plank.

Inhale as you step your left foot forward for a low runners lunge and then into a twist with right hand down and left hand reaching to the sky, hold for one breath. Place both hands on the ground and step left foot back to plank. Exhale as you walk your hands back to forward fold, inhale to standing. Repeat two more times. 

Or, if following a video is easier, choose this:


  • 20 x Bench Pullovers (lying on back, ruck starts pressed over chest, lower to the ground over your head, raise back over chest and down to pelvis, then back to pressed overhead for one rep)

  • 20 x Four Count Flutter Kicks, ruck pressed overhead

  • 20 x Hip Thrusters, ruck on pelvis

  • 20 x Side Lunges, ruck on back
  • 15 x Shoulder to Shoulder Overhead Ruck Press
  • 10 x Bulgarian Split Squats, ruck on your back (in a lunge position with back foot on an elevated surface like a chair or outdoor wall, squat on the weight-bearing leg with knee never moving forward of the ankle, 10 times per side)
  • 20 x Russian Twists, touch weight to your right and left for one rep, may use ruck as weight, or hold ruck plate, or hand weight. Keep a straight back.
  • 15 x Squat Thrusters. If you have access to a Bosu Ball, use it for this exercise for balance work.
  • 10 x Star Jumps, no ruck


One Mile Ruck to finish