PATHFINDER Horizon | W1D5 Core WOD "The Phoenix"

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This Core-Focused WOD, "The Phoenix," is designed to work your core through a variety of movements. Always be sure to maintain good form and focus on utilizing all of your core muscles. Move as fast or as slow as you need to and select the number of rounds that works with your current fitness level.


The warm-up is designed to do as many as you can in the minute time frame. As with any warm-up, you're prepping your muscles to avoid tweaks and injuries.

  • :60 Jumping Jacks
  • :60 run in place
  • :60 butt kicks
  • :60 mountain climbers
  • :60 lunge twists

THE WORK x 3-5 rounds

  • 8 x Burpees with pushup (no ruck), moving at your own pace
  • 15 x Ruck Squats - ruck in cradle position, focus on perfect form, tight core, moving slowly
  • 12 x Ruck Bent Over Rows - stick your butt out, flat back, no arching, strong core the entire time as you row, holding your ruck
  • 15 x Ruck Right Side Bends - hold ruck in one hand at the top handle, pulse to the side for two, stand-up straight
  • 15 x Ruck Left Side Bends
  • :40 x Side Plank - Right (no ruck - this plank can be done on a hand or elbow)
  • :40 x Side Plank - Left (no ruck - this plank can be done on a hand or elbow)
  • 10 x Alternative Arm/Leg Plank (no ruck) - raise right hand, left leg, hold for 5 seconds, reverse
  • 15 x Ruck Sit-Up to Overhead press - hold ruck at your chest, as you sit-up, raise your ruck overhead
  • :40 x Plank (no ruck)


Hold all stretches for at least 20 seconds.

  • Quad Stretch - standing, holding right ankle with right hand; reverse
  • Cat/Cow - on all fours, moving in and out of each movement at your own pace
  • Ab Stretch (Cobra pose) - laying on your stomach, hands underneath your shoulders, gently lift your upper body off the floor until you feel a stretch. See if you can press the bottom your ribs into the floor
  • Hamstring stretch - laying on your back, lift a leg up and hold the stretch either at your hamstring or calf, never the back of your knee. Switch sides.
  • Figure Four - laying on your back, bend your right leg at the knee and place over your left quad. Bend your left leg into the stretch. If you still need more, straighten your left leg into a hamstring stretch.