PATHFINDER Horizon | W0D2 Core WOD "The Girls Can"

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PATHFINDER Horizon | Core WOD "The Girls Can"

This first core workout is scaled. If you're just starting out or getting your core strength back, do one round of The Work. If you're feeling stronger, or have a well-conditioned core, try three rounds! You will be feeling your abs, for sure.


  • Run in place :30 seconds
  • Butt Kicks :30 seconds
  • 20 x Jumping Jacks
  • 20 x Two-Count Standing Russian Twists, holding your choice of weight in front of you (water bottle, dumbbell, ruck) and twist right and left for one full count
  • 20 x Two-Count Standing Crossover Toe Touches with straight legs, right hand touches left toe and left hand touches right toe for one full count
  • 20 x Two Count Standing Cross Crunches, hands behind head, lift right knee and crunch left elbow to touch right knee, do other side for one full count
  • 20 x Overhead Ruck Presses


(Beginners: 1 round; Intermediate: 2 rounds; Advanced: 3 rounds)

  • 60 x Leg Lifts, lying on back with arms extended overhead with ruck on arms as a counterweight
  • 60 x Four- Count Flutter Kicks


  • 3 x Glute Bridge, 15-second hold, 15-second rest
  • 2 x Figure 4 Leg Stretch, twice on each side, hold one minute each time (hip stretch)
  • 4 x Seated Toe Touch, hold 30 seconds each time, relax 5 seconds in between