PATHFINDER Horizon | W5D5 Core WOD "Devils 15"

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We are getting into the meat of our core workouts. As always, read through the workout before starting. If there are any movements you're unfamiliar with, post to the group! This week, we have a plank assessment too, so you can gauge where you currently are. Remember to move slowly through the cool down as well.


Ruck 1 mile at a warm-up pace


Max Plank Hold - up to 2:00 minutes. One of our goals is for you to hold a plank for 2:00. Any time more than that is fine but arbitrary. Any time less than 2:00, and you have your goal to work towards. Your core endurance is one of the most important aspects of your core development, and this is a great assessment to see where your progress currently is. 

THE WORK x 2-4 sets

  • 15 x Long Arm Crunches - laying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Raise your arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head and shoulders off the ground, arms still raised, for a crunch. Be careful to keep your head and neck elongated, looking at the space above your knees as you crunch up.
  • 15 x Reverse Crunches - on your back, knees bent up at 90 degrees. Place your palms at your side. Using your lower abs, lift your hips to curl up for your reverse crunch
  • :30 x Hollow Hold (also known as Boat) To get into this position, sit up with your legs bent, feet on the floor. Slowly lean backwards as you raise your arms overhead and lift your feet off the ground, straightening your legs. Lean as far back as you can, until you feel your abs shaking. Your lower back may be on the ground as you hold this position.
  • :30 x Bridge Hold - laying on your back, arms at your side, feet parallel, hip-width distance. Raise your hips off the ground and hold for :30
  • 15 x Bridge Single Leg March - still in bridge position, raise one leg 90 degrees, place it back in parallel, and raise the other. This should appear as a march.
  • 15 x Ruck Walking Lunges - holding your ruck to your chest, walking lunge
  • 15 x Side-Lying Crunches - laying on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor. Roll slightly onto your hip and shoulder, arms crossing in front of your chest. Keeping your chin lifted and gaze across your hand, crunch up.
  • 15 x 4-count Toe Taps - laying on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor, hands at your sides. Raising your head and shoulders off the floor, bend to the left and tap your foot, then bend to the right to tap that foot. This is a 4-count movement.
  • 15 x Plank Hip Dips - in plank, dip your left hip to the ground, then your right, for one.
  • Mountain Crunches - in mountain climber position, bring your knee and foot in as in mountain climber. Using your opposite arm, tap your foot and return to exercise position. Do the same on the other side. That's one.


  • Ribs Stretch - laying on your stomach, hands and arms bent slightly on the floor in a diamond ahead. Gently lifting your head and shoulders up, slowly creep your ribs up, while still pressing against the floor, to feel an abdominal stretch.
  • Cat / Cow - on your hands and knees, arch up for cat, stretching out your spine, and then slowly reverse directions for cow, dropping your belly and raising your head.
  • Oblique Stretch - sitting up, legs out in a V position, cross your left arm comfortably to the opposite hip. Raise your right arm up and stretch to the left for an oblique stretch. Do the opposite side. Hold your stretches for at least 10 seconds per side.
  • Forward Fold Stretch - still sitting up, bring your legs together. Raising both arms overhead, stretch your upper body up like you're trying to touch the ceiling, and gently fold forward. Reach for your shins, ankles or feet without muscling your body into the stretch.