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This blog post is the first in our PATHFINDER Horizon Star Course City Guide series by Emily Baggett.

Cincinnati Star Course - 50 Miles
By Emily Baggett

2018 Event

  • Start/End Point: Eden Park
  • Hashtags
    1. #edenpark
    2. #williamtafthouse (Taft WM Howard Friends of, 2038 Auburn Drive, Cincinnati, OH)
    3. #cincinnatus (101-199 and N Pedestrian Bridge, Newport, KY)
    4. #newportonthelevee (Newport of the Levee, 1 Levee Way, Newport, KY)
    5. #worldpeacebell (World Peace Bell Center, 425 York Street, Newport, KY)
    6. #devoupark (1700 Montague Road, Covington, KY)
    7. #danielbeardhome (Daniel Carter Beard Home, 322 E 3rd St, Covington, KY)
    8. #roeblingmurals (Roebling Murals on the Floodwalls of Covington, Riverside Drive, Covington, KY)
    9. #greatamericanballpark (Great American Ball Park, 100 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, OH)
    10. #fountainsquare (520 Vine Street, Cincinnati)
    11. #cincinnatimusichall (1241 Elm Street, Cincinnati)
    12. #museumcenter (1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati)
    13. #everybodiestreehouse (12121 Trail Ridge Road, Cincinnati)
    14. #xavieruniversity (3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati)
    15. #hydeparksquare (2700 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati)
    16. #cincinnatiobservatory (3489 Observatory Place, Cincinnati)
    17. #coneyisland (6201 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati)
  • Emily Baggett Observations from this course in 2018
    • The above list of waypoints is how I have them in my Road Warrior app with the addresses.
    • You will cross the bridges into KY for part of the event because there is no way possible really to get the 50 miles otherwise. They are absolutely stunning pictures! 
    • You will be looking for lots of statutes and murals that you might have to google to find. For example, Newport of the Levee was a sign in the picture with gears. We walked all over that place. I even asked a security guard and he had no idea what I was talking about. I couldn’t see what other teams had done on Insta because no team had been there yet. We finally saw the sign that was referenced. On one of the murals, I interrupted a drug deal to ask two people in a park where the mural was (probably not the smartest idea either) but they were helpful. This is where some prior planning might come in handy by one of your teammates to start looking at pictures on Instagram or googling where some of the statutes and murals are located. Other teams were helpful at times but some were not.
    • There is a MAJOR hill on this course if it stays the same (Devou Park). You feel like you are going straight up. There is a cut across so you don’t have to go all the way up. You cut across at a spot with some power lines but watch your footing. Another team told us (which shaved about ½ mile off) as long as we passed it along to the next team we saw. Be prepared for hills.
    • The road out to Coney Island is the most dangerous road I have ever rucked in a GORUCK event. I hope this stop is gone. I even went back and looked at a map to see if there was a trail we could have taken but this road (Ohio River Scenic Byway or Kellogg Avenue - it goes by both names on the road & map) has no shoulder and is very, very curvy. My teammates put me in front, the second person in our single line was a teammate with kids, and our fearless leader took the back in case we were hit. Our rationale was that I would hopefully get hurt the least as a single mom and then next, the dad since he was behind me. My teammate that made the decision to stay at the back to protect the two of us knew he could potentially be killed if we were hit. That is how serious it was. It was almost paralyzing at times having cars that close to you on this tight road. I DO NOT recommend doing this at night. I do not tell you this to scare you, I tell you this to be safe! I hope GORUCK took it off the list. If they didn’t, you have to go single file next to the road – there is not a sidewalk and the shoulder is narrow. 
    • Overall, I enjoyed this course very much and had a blast. We met friendly folks along the way. If you want to see our pictures, I was a member of teamrwb_louisville_ruck_club.