COMPETE : Sand Chops

In our other programming, we have a workout that gets some attention: we call it the Chop Chop. Wood chops are a functional core movement that matters during Events, and a strong core is an important part of TA sustainability. A healthy core = a healthy body and back.

Rotational core strength matters just as much when you're hauling your kid into a shopping cart as it does passing a heavy bag off quickly to someone during an Event.

To do a Ruck Wood Chop properly:

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and turned out slightly. Crouch until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your back straight. Hold your sandbag with both hands next to the outside of your right thigh. You may need to drop weight for this movement in order to maintain body control.
Twist your torso to the side and lift your sandbag up and across your body with straight arms. As you lift, straighten your legs and turn your torso so you end up facing the ruck, which is above your left shoulder. Rise onto your toes as you twist and lift. You should be using your core muscles to control the movement. Return to the starting position, reversing the twist and bringing the weight down as if chopping wood. Don’t rush; it’s all about control.

Here's a video if you need some visual cues: Sandbag Wood Chops

What other exercises do I need to know?

Rotational Ruck Deadlifts To begin, stand tall, core engaged, and have your ruck touching the side of your left foot on the ground. "Sit" and rotate into your hip. Grab your ruck with both hands, one on each side and deadlift your ruck to your waist. Then reverse the action and rotate into the opposite hip, coming to a complete stop on the other side. Focus on your glutes and hamstrings in this exercise.


  • 16 x Sandbag Wood Chops - Left
  • 16 x Sandbag Walking Lunge
  • 16 x Rotational Sandbag Deadlifts
  • 16 x Ruck-Only Hand Release Push Ups
  • 16 x Sandbag Thrusters
  • 16 x Sandbag Wood Chops - Right
  • 1/2 Mile Sandbag Ruck

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