COMPETE : Suicide Squad

Suicide exercises are done in tons of sports training, and you've likely done plenty if you've participated in bootcamp or CrossFit workouts. Today, we're doing a variation on the theme, and perfectly suited for Team Assessment training.

What do I need for this workout?

You will need:

  • Your ruck
  • A Sandbag
  • 1 5 gal bucket filled 2/3 with water
  • 1 5 gal bucket filled 3/4 with water
  • Gloves
  • PVC Pipe for warm-ups

Set up a course - You will bring your items out to your location and designate a start point. Your course can be a driveway, a field, or a parking lot after hours. (Think basketball court sized as you set everything out.)

Mark 1/3, 2/3 and Final Distance on the ground with chalk or whatever you've got at hand.

You'll put your items at the Start point.

When it's time to do the suicides, you'll go as fast as you can to the first marker and back, then the second marker and back, and then to the full distance and back, using the designated coupons.

This is a dynamic workout, but it's also designed to get your synapses firing. So much of what you'll be asked to do during Team Assessment is coordinating brain and body. We start that process today by training your neural responses to physical and mental stress.

What are the exercises I need to know? 

Sandbag Cleans Begin in deadlift position, gripping the handles of your sandbag. Powerfully lift the bag as your elbows flare out. Drop beneath the sandbag to catch and stand up straight.

Sandbag Push-Press We are beginning the push-press exercise in your workouts. If your sandbag is too heavy yet to push-press, begin by using your ruck. Your form when doing a ruck push-press is more narrow, so it's not ideal, but the weight is ideal for beginners or individuals who are still working on upper body strength. Begin by standing, bag on the ground, and clean the sandbag up. (Your ruck will need to be horizontal for this movement) From the clean position, lift the bag up overhead, and then back down. 


When you see warm-ups in the Compete group of workouts, do them. They are there to prevent injury and tweak little form issues that may crop up, even after years of doing certain movements, like squats.

15 x Face the Wall Squats If you travelled for your workout today, find an acceptable wall or even the side of your car will work:

  • Face a wall, toes to the baseboard in squat position. (If this is a new exercise for you, start 3” away from the wall. Even if you’ve been doing squats for years.)
  • Raise your arms overhead. 
  • Squat, keeping your hands 1” from the wall. 
  • Go as far down as you can and then back up. 
  • This movement needs to be in your warm-ups for the next 4 weeks.

15 x Warm-Up Butterfly Sit-Ups

3 x PVC Pipe* Shoulder Warm-Up Drill

  • 10 x PVC Pipe Pass Through Hold your PVC pipe wider than shoulder width. Your arms should feel slight tension as you hold the pipe. Raise your arms up overhead and bring the PVC pipe behind you, the PVC pipe bumping your behind and then bring it overhead and bumping the front of your thighs
  • 10 x PVC Pipe Around the Worlds
  • 10 x PVC Pipe Deadlifts Perform with body tension as though the pipe were heavy.
  • 10 x PVC Pipe Overhead Squats Hold pipe overhead and perform squats
  • If you do not have a thin PVC pipe, a dowel, broomstick or mop handle works just as well.

Workout x 2-3

10 x Sandbag Cleans

5 x Sandbag Push Press

Slosh Suicide:

  • First Stop - Water Bucket carry - 2/3 full - NO SPILLING!
  • Second Stop - Water Bucket Carry - 3/4 full - NO SPILLING!
  • Final Stop - Sandbag Rush 

10 x Sandbag Cleans

5 x Sandbag Push Press

Ruck Rush Suicide:

  • First Stop - 10 x Ruck Burpees
  • Second Stop - 20 x Ruck Push-Ups
  • Final Stop - 30 x Ruck Squats

10 x Sandbag Cleans

5 x Sandbag Push Press

Finish with a 3 mile ruck

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