COMPETE : 4, 3, 2, 1, Done.

Complete each round (4 times through with the first round, three times through with the second) before moving on to the next round. Rest up to 3 minutes between rounds - even if you don't want to.

What gear do I need?

  • Ruck
  • Sandbag

What exercises do I need to know?

Sandbag Walking Lunges Perform the walking lunges with the sandbag in the cradle position for the best body control.

Ruck Arm Push Press A single arm ruck push press begins with your ruck in the racked position, elbow bent and tight to your ribs, ruck resting on your shoulder muscle. To create the force needed for a push press, dip into a quick, shallow squat before you punch your rucked arm into the air for one rep.

Ruck Russian Twists with Weight Wearing your ruck, sit with back straight to avoid resting your ruck weight on the ground. Lift your feet off the ground a few inches, cross ankles. Using another weight (kettlebell, another ruck, etc.) perform Russian Twists.

Pike Push-Ups Use your waist straps to keep your ruck tight to your core. Carefully get in the pike position to avoid slamming your ruck against the back of your head, and then perform the movement slowly. Many people do these quickly and shallowly to avoid the ruck discomfort - avoid the temptation. Slowly and keeping your shoulders stable will make the exercise more effective AND more comfortable.

Sandbag Calf Raises Aren't calf raises just for show? Not here. In long distance ruck situations, your calves and ankles need to be strong and stable. Think about the smaller ankle and feet muscles required to keep you going. Then get to work. Hold the sandbag (your choice of position here), wear your ruck and perform the movement slowly and with control. This is best done off a curb or a short step.

Sandbag Burpees Sandbag on the ground in front of you, hop down into a burpee with your hands on the sandbag. Push-Up. Hop up, lift the sandbag. Repeat.


4 x Rounds

  • 20 x Sandbag Walking Lunges
  • 20 x Sandbag Squats
  • 20 x Ruck Turkish Get-Ups (10 each side)

3 x Rounds

  • 20 x Ruck Left Arm Push Press
  • 20 x Butterfly Sit Ups
  • 20 x Ruck Right Arm Push Press
  • 20 x Ruck Russian Twists + Weight

2 x Rounds

  • 30 x Pike Push-Ups
  • 30 x Sandbag Calf Raises

1 x Round

  • 20 x Sandbag Burpees

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