36 Miles Pre/Post Workout Challenge WITH Yoga - Everything You Need to Know

36 Miles Pre/Post Workout Challenge WITH Yoga Purpose

The PATHFINDER 36 Miles Pre/Post Challenge WITH Yoga is designed to include yoga and mobility work into your miles Challenge. This Challenge is designed as an adjacent practice to extend the roster’s ability to sustain the high mileage and challenging workouts required in the PATHFINDER Ruck Training programming. Yoga is an excellent practice for creating a healthier, more flexible and balanced body that is also better able to sustain minor injuries.


This Challenge’s requirements are the same for Forward, Endure and Advanced Programs.

  • 9 x :15+ minutes yoga or mobility movement in conjunction with the miles added to the Pre/Post Workout 
  • Yoga for this Challenge can be done before or after the miles, as well as before or after the workout.
  • Any beneficial physical movement of yoga, including, but not limited to, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Aerial, Hot, Bikram and Power to Yin and Hatha are acceptable practice disciplines. Pilates is also an approved discipline.
  • The :15 minute yoga class is an easily found practice online via free websites like YouTube or paid subscriptions like Peloton, Alo and others. While we encourage rosters to find a studio to practice in, PATHFINDER has a list of potential yoga options for rosters who feel they need a path to get started and can be found below.
  • For our separate 9 x :45 Yoga Challenge, go here.

15 Minute + YOGA Suggested Options for a free, online practice

This list is not comprehensive and are vetted suggestions only. If you have any recommendations for additional videos to suggest, please let us know! We have attempted to suggest a wide variety of practices with both men and women instructors for the largest possible audience. These are listed in no particular order to encourage rosters to be open to different types of instructors and philosophies. They are all meant as an "open and go" class. All of these workouts are between 15 and 20 minutes in length.

15 Min. Full Body Stretch | Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility and Relaxation, Day 7 | Mady Morrison

15-Minute Full-Body Intermediate Yoga Workout for Men | Man Flow Yoga

Sunrise Yoga - 15 Minute Morning Practice | Yoga with Adriene

15 Min Full Body STRETCH/YOGA for Stress/Anxiety Relief | MadFit

Yoga for Men Stretching to Improve Hip Mobility and Relieve Back Tightness | Man Flow Yoga

Back Workout for Pain Relief and Prevention | Man Flow Yoga

Yoga for Flexibility | 16 Minute Practice | Yoga with Adriene

15 Minute Yoga Beginner Routine - Full Body Flexibility | Sean Vigue Fitness

EVERYDAY MOBILITY: 15-Minute Flow Warm-Up / Movement Snack | Movement Parallels Life 

15 Minute Morning Yoga Morning Yoga Routine | Full Body Yoga Flow

15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine | Tom Merrick

Natural Movement and Mobility Beginner Workout | Movement Parallels Life

Recover Faster & Prevent Injuries | Primal Movement Active Recovery Workout | Movement Parallels Life

Honorable Mention: (This explanation of mobility and flexibility drills has been so useful, we felt the need to include it, even though it is not a complete workout.)

10 Best Mobility/Flexibility Drills (Pre-Workout) | ATHLEAN-X

YOGA Add-On Restrictions

  • Meditation practice, while soothing and beneficial, is not included in this Challenge. We do encourage all rosters to explore the many varieties of meditation for overall well-being.
  • Yoga/Mobility work must be integrated into the miles or workout component and should be done as a complete "set."
  • While TaiChi, Qigong and other ancient mind-body movements are soothing, they are not in line with the physical requirements yoga represents, and are considered more of a meditation practice. These disciplines are not approved for any PATHFINDER Yoga Challenges.

YOGA CHALLENGE Additional Notes:

Yoga is classified as an integrated practice of stretching and gentle movement, breath control, and the adoption of specific bodily postures for health and relaxation.

Challenge Mileage Limitations

  • Life This Challenge is not required for Life programming
  • Forward
    • Minimum of one (1) mile before or after
    • Maximum of three (3) miles before of after
  • Endure
    • Minimum of three (3) miles before or after
    • Maximum of six (6) miles before of after
  • Advanced
    • Minimum of four (4) miles before or after
    • Maximum of six (6) miles before of after
  • Compete & Stirling This Challenge is not required for Compete or Stirling programming

Challenge Weight Requirements

  • Forward and Endure: there is no stated minimum ruck weight requirement. An appropriately challenging weight for the roster's fitness level must be in the ruck at all times.
  • Advanced: 45# ruck dry weight for body weight of 150# or more, or 30# ruck dry weight for body weight less than 150#

Challenge Restrictions

  • Ruck safely. Communicate your route and estimated times to another individual/party who can alert
  • YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS. DO NOT TRESPASS. If you are in doubt contact facility management for a clear understanding of access to and usage of any facility’s property. PATHFINDER assumes no liability whatsoever for any actions taken by a PATHFINDER roster.

PATHFINDER assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries, damages or death. A roster assumes all risk associated with their participation in any and all PATHFINDER programming.


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