PATHFINDER Ruck Training Compete Program Requirements

PATHFINDER Compete Program Requirements

Over a twelve week period, you will be required to complete the following:

  • 125 Rucking Miles
  • You will keep track of every mile you ruck throughout the program.
  • In twelve weeks, you will complete 125 miles.
  • You should ideally be comfortable working at the required ruck weight already. Rosters may work up to the required ruck weight over the course of the 12 week period, but expectations of significant strength and stamina should be diminished.
    • Females: Your ruck is required to be weighted with 30 lbs (dry weight)
    • Males: Your ruck is required to be weighted with 45lbs (dry weight).
  • 24 Workouts
    • All workouts and disciplines are now allowed in PATHFINDER programming.
    • We strongly advise all Rosters to consider their workout planning following these guidelines:
      • Team Assessment has very specific needs. Make sure the majority of your workouts are ruck, sandbag, and strength training workouts. Incorporate both heavy lifts as well as explosive movements.
      • You are considering another Endurance Event, but have not yet committed: Divide your workouts into 50% ruck, sandbag and strength training and 50% your choice of type and discipline.
  • 5 PATHFINDER Compete Challenges
    • Use these to test yourself and your team in various ways.
    • Challenges are the chance to discover your strengths and uncover your weaknesses.
    • See full list of challenge options below.

PATHFINDER Compete - 5 Challenges

In twelve weeks, you will complete 5 of the following PATHFINDER Advanced challenges.

  • All Challenges must be completed with the required dry ruck weight where noted.
  • Every Challenge must be completed by itself.
  • Challenges may not be combined in any way.
  • Each Challenge only counts once toward the required total of 5.
  • Plan accordingly!


Timed Ruck: 12 miles in 3.0 hours or less (15:00 min/mi pace)

  • Weight requirement: 45 lb. ruck (dry weight) Males, or a 30 lb. ruck (dry weight) Females. 

Mountain Ruck > 10 miles (at once). Ruck on trails in a mountainous area - hilly with rough terrain.

  • This will work different muscles than you typically work when rucking on flat sidewalks.
  • Weight requirement: 45 lb. ruck (dry weight) Males, or a 30 lb. ruck (dry weight) Females.
  • Further details for this Challenge are available to PATHFINDER rosters

Overnight Ruck > 20 miles (at once). Start at some point after sunset (after dark), and don’t stop until you reach 20 miles.
  • Get used to rucking in the dark and wearing your ruck for a longer period of time.
  • Weight requirement: 45 lb. ruck (dry weight) Males, or a 30 lb. ruck (dry weight) Females.

Move 80 lbs. Of Coupons For Every 2 People In Group > 10 miles.

  • One person alone will still need to carry the 80 additional lbs. for a portion of the challenge.
  • Do not split the coupon weight equally among teammates, rather find coupons of varying weight, i.e. 50 lb. sandbag and 30 lb. kettlebell.
  • Practice creative ways of distributing the weight.
  • Weight requirement (in addition to coupon weight): 45 lb. ruck (dry weight) Male, or a 30 lb. ruck (dry weight) Female.

    NEW! PT Challenge

    • Achieve the PT goal requirements by completing a Team Assessment style test. 


    Yoga Challenge
      • 9 x 45-minute full-body yoga sessions of your choice
      • Improve your mobility, flexibility and improve your recovery time by incorporating yoga into your Forward programming.

        Marathon Ruck: 26.2 miles

        • Get used to wearing your ruck for a long period
        • Practice hydration and nutrition
        • Test your gear and learn how your feet react to extended rucks.
        • Practice blister prevention.
        • Weight requirement: 45 lb. ruck (dry weight) Male, or a 30 lb. ruck (dry weight) Female

        NEW! Propel Challenge

        • This focuses on the roster's ability to complete a heavy (sandbag, ruck filled with sand, etc.) throw and toss over the course of this distance Challenge.

        NEW! Hill Repeat Challenge

        • Complete Hill Repeats with a variety of styles and implements through the course of this Challenge.
        • Weight requirement: 45 lb. ruck (dry weight) Male, or a 30 lb. ruck (dry weight) Female