Training Partners

The programs listed below are Official PATHFINDER Training Partners.

We fully endorse the training they offer, and most if not all of the programming counts toward the PATHFINDER workout requirements for Forward, Endure, and Advanced. We know the designers of these programs very well, and they are fully-vetted by our programming team, not to mention they are all PATHFINDER graduates. You can trust these programs to deliver their promised results.

Ruck Strong - Buffalo Logo

Ruck Strong

Strength Training for People Who Ruck


Ruck Strong is a weight training program designed to complement and enhance the ruck training that you already do. Ruck Strong is programmed to optimize how the strength you gain in the gym transfers to the development of rucking speed and durability. Visit today to learn more.

Heavy Drop Training - Rufus Mascot and Motto Patch

Heavy Drop Training

No One Cares What You Can Do Fresh


Heavy Drop Training is 6-week workout program utilizing sandbags and weighted rucks, along with accountability via an assigned virtual battle buddy. Multiple programs including a Ruck & Body Weight version or Sandbag & Ruck version allows for any level of fitness. Heavy Drop Training's goal is to get you where you want to be physically and mentally by utilizing minimal equipment. Visit today to learn more.

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