Important Programming Changes for Shelter-In-Place/Stay-At-Home Orders

Updated: 7/31/2020

Considering the new environment we are now in to help stem the spread of COVID-19 we are introducing the below modifications to the PATHFINDER endurance training programs (Forward, Endure, Advanced).

Changes to Current Program Requirements

  • Changes to Challenges to meet the minimum requirements

    1. Rosters may repeat any Challenge a second time and it will be counted towards the minimum requirement.

      • For Standards Achievement Challenges (APFT, UBRR, Selection Standard): Rosters must exceed the previous qualifying scores/times for the Challenge to be considered complete.

      • For Standards Improvement Challenges Rosters must continue to improve another 4 times from the previous qualifying mark for the Challenge to be considered complete.
    2. The 36-mile pre/post Challenge mileage guidelines now will count any mileage at all both before and after ruck workouts. You can ruck 1 mile before and 1 mile after and take credit for 2 miles to the requirement.

    3. The Reading Program for the Advanced Program will be expanded to Forward and Endure as a Challenge. The approved reading list will be made available.

    4. Advanced Challenge Additions

      • Advanced Rosters can read a 2nd book from the approved reading list for Challenge credit.
      • Advanced Rosters can redo the Timed 12-Miler requirement with an improved time for Challenge credit.
      • Advanced Rosters can retake the APFT requirement with a better score for Challenge credit.
  • Treadmills (and comparable equipment) will be allowed for required miles.

  • Workout time can be exchanged for miles (all qualifying workouts).
    1. The exchange rate is 15 minutes of workout time = 1 mile.
    2. Workouts exchanged for miles do not earn a workout credit.
    3. Warmups/cooldowns are included in the duration of the workout.
    4. Rosters are encouraged to log all fractional exchange miles (a 35-minute workout can be logged for 2.3 miles).

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please contact your Course Advisor directly or email us at