Important Programming Changes for Shelter-In-Place/Stay-At-Home Orders

Updated: 9/14/2020

These programming changes will only apply through the end of Class 025, October 31, 2020. Beginning with Class 026, November 1, 2020, all standards as laid out in the Program Requirements documents will fully apply.

Considering the new environment we are now in to help stem the spread of COVID-19 we are introducing the below modifications to the PATHFINDER endurance training programs (Forward, Endure, Advanced).

Changes to Current Program Requirements

  • Changes to Challenges to meet the minimum requirements

    1. Rosters may repeat any Challenge a second time and it will be counted towards the minimum requirement.

      • For Standards Achievement Challenges (APFT, UBRR, Selection Standard): Rosters must exceed the previous qualifying scores/times for the Challenge to be considered complete.

      • For Standards Improvement Challenges Rosters must continue to improve another 4 times from the previous qualifying mark for the Challenge to be considered complete.
    2. The 36-mile pre/post Challenge mileage guidelines now will count any mileage at all both before and after ruck workouts. You can ruck 1 mile before and 1 mile after and take credit for 2 miles to the requirement.

    3. The Reading Program for the Advanced Program will be expanded to Forward and Endure as a Challenge. The approved reading list will be made available.

    4. Advanced Challenge Additions

      • Advanced Rosters can read a 2nd book from the approved reading list for Challenge credit.
      • Advanced Rosters can redo the Timed 12-Miler requirement with an improved time for Challenge credit.
      • Advanced Rosters can retake the APFT requirement with a better score for Challenge credit.
  • Treadmills (and comparable equipment) will be allowed for required miles.

  • Workout time can be exchanged for miles (all qualifying workouts).
    1. The exchange rate is 15 minutes of workout time = 1 mile.
    2. Workouts exchanged for miles do not earn a workout credit.
    3. Warmups/cooldowns are included in the duration of the workout.
    4. Rosters are encouraged to log all fractional exchange miles (a 35-minute workout can be logged for 2.3 miles).

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please contact your Course Advisor directly or email us at