Community Rules & Code of Conduct

Updated: 8/5/2020

All Rosters current and past agree to the following Community Rules and Code of Conduct while participating in and/or engaged with the PATHFINDER Ruck Training program and communities.

Respect Is Required

PATHFINDER Ruck Training requires mutual trust to build our great community. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but any inappropriate or crude conduct will be grounds for removal without refund.

Discussions Stay On Topic

Discussions, posts, and comments in and among all PATHFINDER Community Groups focus on training, fitness, PATHFINDER, and building community and rapport regarding those topics among all Rosters, Course Advisors, and PATHFINDER Leadership.

PATHFINDER Content Is Protected

All PATHFINDER Ruck Training images and content are the copyright of PATHFINDER Ruck Training, LLC., and as such are not be shared or distributed outside of PATHFINDER Community Groups.

Other Copyrighted Content Is Protected

Other paid programs' content cannot be shared in any PATHFINDER Ruck Training Community Group.

Promotions And Spam Are Prohibited

Self-promotion, spam, and links to outside content not related to Community Topics listed above are not allowed. Prior authorization is required to post links promoting any person, program, company, content, or previously unvetted charity fundraisers or efforts. To inquire about authorization email


Content shared by Rosters in PATHFINDER Community Groups grants permission to PATHFINDER Ruck Training to use that content for marketing and promotion purposes. PATHFINDER Ruck Training will endeavor to contact the individual/s who posted the content to notify them of the intention to use it, but this isn't guaranteed or required.