Which PATHFINDER Challenges are Right for Me?

PATHFINDER is known for our approach to three simple training methods to increase ruck endurance: Miles. Workouts. Challenges. Now obviously, that's pretty distilled, but Challenges are often the thing people have lots of questions about!

What are PATHFINDER Challenges?

In PATHFINDER, Challenges are the secret sauce -- they're the things that get you most Event-ready and improve your overall fitness the most. Depending on the program you train with, you have options that range from as simple as reading a book, up to multi-day, many-miles Challenges.

With over 20+ Challenge options though, (depending on programming), it can feel overwhelming to know what to pick, for when. We've devised a simple new icon system to help weed through the Challenges and select the ones that best meet your fitness needs and goals.

When you sign up for any PATHFINDER programming (check them all out here), you'll get our Success Guide that details all the available options for training. From there, you'll discover the Challenges that work best for your training needs. 

Are You Fitness Maintenance?

If you're Fitness Maintenance (or FM) you're doing your chosen PATHFINDER program to stay steady at your current fitness level, or to progress over a longer period of time. This option is ideal for rosters who do not have any Events currently scheduled on their calendar, or are new to rucking (or fitness in general) and need to get their form right, their discipline down and their bearings in the PATHFINDER universe first.

Are You 12+?

12+ is all about 12+ weeks to train prior to your Event. This is your sweet spot if you're ramping up training to a more challenging endurance Event or are serious about increasing your fitness and endurance capacity. Most PATHFINDER Challenges fit this criteria. You'll want to make sure the majority of your PATHFINDER Challenges are this kind.

Are you !?

The !-icon = "MY EVENT IS THIS CLASS!" Your Event is scheduled during this 12-week training window. No worries here, though. PATHFINDER has everything you need to train for your goals. Training with Challenges marked with this icon (and there are a lot of them) means you're going to be prepared and confident in your training. These Challenges are hard, and it takes serious discipline to complete them. With our mentor Course Advisors, as well as our huge community of involved rosters working hard along-side you, we know you'll have the support to reach your toughest goals. If you're training for your Event during your Class cycle, these Challenges will get you the most prepared for what's coming next.

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