PATHFINDER Ruck Training : Free Daily Workout : Week 3 Day 5

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I'm lovingly naming this workout "The Arm Dangler." Because when you're finished, you won't want to use your arms for the rest of the day. They'll just dangle there, like dead weight. I'm really selling this, aren't I? Let's begin...


  • Ruck or Weights
  • Chair


  • Ruck .25 mile regular pace
  • .25 mile fast pace - push it without running
  • .25 mile recovery pace
  • .25 mile fast pace

THE WORK x 3 - 5 Rounds

  • 15 Ruck Push-Ups
  • 15 Ruck Weighted Floor Press (increase ruck weight - up to 2x, bench press but on the floor) 
  • 15 Ruck Pullovers (Bridge using the side of a sturdy chair supporting your shoulders. Your head should be off the chair. Feet should be on the ground, glutes and hamstrings engaged. Bring your ruck up and over your head and slowly behind you to the ground and back up for one. Focus on lats.)
  • 15 x Ruck Wood Chops
  • 15 x Ruck Curls
  • 10 x Split Squat with Ruck Overhead Press
  • :20 - :45 minutes quick pace ruck (aim for less than 15:00 mile)

    FINISHER x 1 Round

    • 1:00 Plank
    • 60 x Toe Touches (laying with back on the floor)
    • 1:00 Reverse Plank w/ Leg Lifts (hands on the ground behind you lifting your body up, facing the ceiling; one leg at a time SLOWLY raises and lowers)
    • 30 Russian Twists (with ruck, hard count)

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