PATHFINDER Ruck Training : Free Daily Workout : Week 2 Day 3

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  • Chair
  • Cones or something of similar height
  • Ruck or Weight

12 reps 2 rounds

  1. Star Jumps
  2. Diamond Push Ups
  1. Forward Lunges
  2. Chair Triceps Dips
  1. Speed Skaters
  2. Jumping Jacks
  1. Forward Cone Jumps (3 cones lined up with adequate space in between to land and rebound. Can be anything to be jumped over - books, rucks, etc.)
  2. Weighted Side Lunges (with ruck or with weights in hand)
  1. Bear Crawls
  2. Close Grip Ruck or Weight Press (laying down on back, hold weight or ruck with hands close to one another and press up bench-press-style)
  1. Figure 8 Ruck Transfer (Holding your ruck by the top handle, bend at your waist with a strong core and legs wider than hip width. Transfer your ruck behind one leg and out in front of the opposite leg and around to create a figure 8)
  2. Ruck Russian Twists
  1. Driveway Farmer's Ruck Carry (Mod: if no driveway, use stairs, parking lot, whatever you've got)
  2. Ruck Front Squats (wearing ruck on your front, but making sure not to tilt your weight forward)

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