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We wanted to offer FREE daily workouts, utilizing minimal equipment (generally just a weighted ruck, although some days maybe slightly more or less) and designed to work in a small space, indoor or outdoor. Life is challenging enough right now, so finding a workout that is suitable for almost any current living condition was important to us, and we figured it was important to you too.

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  • :30 jog/run in place
  • 12 jumping jacks
  • 12 body weight squats
  • 12 push-ups
  • 12 alternating left & right leg lunges, hard count


  • 15 x Sumo Squats (body weight or ruck-weighted, your choice)
  • 15 x Hard-Count Mountain Climbers 
  • 15 x Hand Release Push-ups to Superman (lifting feet off the ground)
  • 15 x Jumping Jacks


  • 15 x Lunge to Overhead Press (as lunging forward, press arms or ruck up and as stepping back bring ruck down to waist)
  • 15 x Mountain Climbers 
  • 15 x Weighted Skull Crushers (laying on your back, knees bent, hold ruck or weight overhead with both hands. Without moving shoulders, bend elbows and slowly move weight down to the floor and back up again for one.)
  • 15 x Jumping Jacks


  • 15 x Flutter Kicks
  • 15 x Mountain Climbers 
  • 15 x Russian Twists (with or w/out weight)
  • 15 x Jumping Jacks

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