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We've posted some challenging workouts this past week, so we thought we'd throw in something a little bit less extreme this week.

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  • Ruck

What are the exercises?

Ruck Snatches Everything should be familiar except maybe those ruck snatches. Now, you might think you're familiar with what a ruck snatch is... but let's talk about what a ruck snatch ISN'T first. It isn't a limp armed movement with barely a hint of elbow bend. It also isn't a stiff, neck poppin' muscled movement. Limp arms + nary an elbow bend = your ruck is too light (and you likely lack enthusiam). Stuff + neck poppin = who are you trying to impress here? Neither will get you strong, and may even get you injured. I might have a "thing" about crappy snatches.

We are looking for a fluid movement that begins with a slight squat as you lift the ruck up off the ground, and into a fluid clean. From that clean, with a good bent elbow, you transfer into a punch up. Snatches are tough movements and are often done incorrectly. Do yourself a favor and watch Julie Foucher of CrossFit show how they're done right (with a dumbell) here: I almost teared up, they're so beautiful.

THE WORK x 3 Rounds

  • 20 Ruck Push-Ups - either wearing on your back or with hands off-set
  • 15 Ruck Lateral Lunges
  • 10 Ruck Sit-Ups
  • 15 Ruck Snatches - each side
  • 20 Ruck High Pulls


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