Free Daily Workout : April 23

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PATHFINDER Class 024 begins on May 1! If you are loving these free workouts we're providing during our collective "lockdown," join us for more + an amazing community ready to challenge one another and work hard! 

Today, we've got a great beginner/intermediate workout. If you're floundering right now, off your routine, and bouncing from work chair, to couch, to kitchen table, to bed, it's time to shake things up. The best way to get back into a routine is to jump in. Safely, nothing crazy, just give your mind and body a chance to do what it's meant to do - work hard. You're going to feel great after this workout!

THE WORK x 3 Rounds

  • 30 x Mountain Climbers (no ruck)
  • 20 x Walking Lunges - Hard Count (1,1,2,2…)
  • 10 x Overhead Press
  • 30 x Speed Skaters (no ruck)
  • 20 x Step Ups with Ruck (or Box Jumps without ruck, depending on equipment - don’t jump on stupid stuff)
  • 10 x Ruck Skull Crushers
  • 30 x Jumping Jacks (no ruck)
  • 20 x Lateral Lunges - Hard Count (1,1,2,2…)
  • 10 x Ruck Wood Chops


  • 1:00 x Plank
  • 20 x Sit Ups
  • 20 x Flutter Kicks
  • 20 x Sit Ups
  • 1:00 x Plank

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